The Art of Hacking – A hacking művészete

Many years in the making, my monograph on the intersections of hacker cultures and visual art is now available!

The publishing of four editions, English and Hungarian, both printed and digital, was made available by the Hungarian University of Fine Arts Doctoral School, as part of their series ‘Art as Research’, curated by Zoltán Szegedy-Maszák and Balázs Kicsiny.

Presentations of the book in English:
9 July 2021, Chaos Amsterdam, Nieuwland, with Victoria Naumann
29 December 2021 20pm CET, rc3, Feminist Hacker Assembly
Book review by Victoria Naumann

Több éven át tartó munkafázisok sorozatát követően a doktori disszertációmból írt könyv, A hacking művészete, 2021 június 29-én megjelent, a Magyar Képzőművészeti Egyetem Doktori Iskolájának Művészet, mint kutatás sorozatában.

Könyvbemutató: MKE Doktori Iskola, online esemény, 2021 június 29.

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Vetített látvány a kortárs elektronikus zenei party-kultúrában

2012-es cikkem VJ kultúra témában a Képírás magazinban

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Dérives in the Digital: Publication at the Institute of Network Cultures

Recently published by the Institute of Network Cultures Amsterdam, on the relationship between the historical avantgarde and hacker cultures

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Webmachine @ Digital Power

Proud to be one of the contributors to Siggraph: Digital Power, Activism, Advocacy and the Influence of Women Online exhibition. If you play my browser-based loom woven in python, you can save your encrypted text to your desktop as a png. You’ll also find the code on GitHub, so you can create your own encryption versions and send each other nice ‘craft pictures’ with text coded into it. You’ll find a description here >>

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BiohackDag @HKU IBB, Feb 2020

bio-hacking workshop @ Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht, Creative Tech Club with PinGui, previously joining the Anarchist Village at 36c3

Pingui’s lights synchronized with human breath



  • each LED is separate, normally powered by a 3V power supply soldered onto a pin-case
  • using E-health shield and Arduino Uno along with an Airflow sensor, following tutorial
  • can use AnalogInOutSerial example or similar and specify ports used by E-health shield and LEDs plugged. Use pwn outs.
  • tricks for script: if you want to power more LEDs (in my case, 25 of them), use breadboards and/or more pwn outputs (in this case modify code accordingly
  • trick for airflow sensor: yes, you are meant to put it towards your nose on top of your mouth, but results are stronger if you breathe on it directly from the mouth.

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Spatial Abundance: Imaginaries of Post-Industrial Catalunya

exhibition @ Joe’s Garage, Amsterdam, opening: 28 November

The work is a manifestation of the tension between the imaginary forms and functions of the vast space of Calafou, once an industrial colony and thread mill, now a post-capitalist, eco-industrial colony.  The abundant volume of space rendered unusable by time and nature is something that captures the wandering body and mind upon entering the area, also known as the Zona Zero.  The vast abundance of histories and possibilities feel invisible when one gets used to it but never goes away.

Opening on November 28th with a benefit dinner. The exhibition is on till December 12th (when Joe’s Garage is open to the public)

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Work in Progress


learning to use the laser cutter: trace bitmap, outlines only, a combination of cutting and engraving on 3mm plexi.

learning to use the vinyl cutter. option of printing from linux and windows os available on same dedicated pc. linux bridge ‘inkcut’ malfunctioning even after update. successfull cutting on windows, illustrator, matte black vinyl.

sewing an utoplast laptopskin for my new thinkpad W520
thikness of different utoplast materials:
measured with digital caliper:
bubble wrap utoplast: 0,3 mm; weight:
contractor bag utoplast: 0,4 mm, not for sewing, but cutable

Funghi box prototype design for laser-cutting 4 mm contractor bag grey utoplast, combined of 2 different cookie boxes I fancy for funghi: one for the top, one for the bottom. No-glue design.

Cifi is missing an ear. We tried to 3D-scan the existing one, but consequently failed, not only because he is moving, but also because the ear’s shape for the scan is defined by it’s position in space, it being a very soft and flexible entity. So tried to take a 2D pattern and extrude it. First print with Prusa, draft filament, 2nd with flexifil.

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UTOPlastic Experiments

PinGui, Amsterdam, Technologia Incognita and LAG, 2019 December, Amsterdam

new works in progress, and ‘Jornadas de Puertas Abiertas’ workshop in Calafou, August 2019

ready-made 2D/3D low poli pinguin prototype and participants’ own dodecahedrons

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Media Design Course curricula

implemented at Budapest Metropolitan University, 2017-2019:

  1. Introduction to Hacker Cultures and Culture Jamming (seminar/practical) (HU and ENG)
  2. Interaction Design Course: Building a Reactable (seminar/practical) (ENG)
    Reactable Course
  3. Introduction to Media Design Theory (lecture) (ENG)
    MDT curriculum

pictures of the reactable building course:

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