Loopé was a collective of Dani Halasi and Juli Laczko, at times joined by Esteban de la Torre and Gábor Karcis, working with projection, video, performance, and different media in space. VJs since 2003, collective 2006-2013, created several party and performance projections, installations, and theater plays in Budapest and beyond, including, but not limited to Sziget Festival’s Meduza stage, LPM Rome, Fogasház, Anker, A38, Mono, West-Balkán, Merlin, Trafó, the collectives DubPhase and Love Alliance, Bounce, Hanna-Hanna Fesztivál, Speciális Heurisztikák, and many more. Our work ranged from corporate gigs to theatrical performances and commercial as well as underground festivals.