Berlin, Frei Stadt 2020 @ DLADLA 2016


This work was created for the exhibition of the Doctoral School of the Hungarian University of Fine Arts, on the occasion of the centenary of the Cabaret Voltaire, founded in Zürich in 1916. 

‘in 2020, Trump’s US and Merkel’s Europe is in war with Putin’s Russia, but at the time of the German intervention an insurrection of radical anarchists breaks out in the German capital. Punks push hipsters out of town, and the city of Berlin declares independence from the Bundesregierung and continues as a free community without central control. The work presents the historical moment in hybrid form: in the printed paper, photos of these communities are available (actual 2016 photos of off grid/caravan/nonconform/anarchist communities in Berlin and Leipzig), with a QR-reference to an online map where these communities are physically located. 

The format of the paper is of one particular newspaper that the Hungarian regime has banned in 2016. The design is identical to that of ‘Népszabadság’, that used to be of Hungary’s most important and prominent (traditionally left-wing) daily papers, whose production was stopped late in 2016 shortly after its publishing company was acquired by a right-wing media-holding. The volume ‘Berlin, Frei Stadt’, dated 4 years in the future, was printed and distributed in 50 copies at the exhibition.

Link to the DLADLA100 exhibition catalogue