undercover @ I spy with my little eye #2

I spy with my little eye #2
5-12 February, Gapgap, Leipzig, group exhibition
Undercover, object mapping and photo documentation, 2017 Budapest; wood, upcycled plastic, students’ drawings, projection

In Budapest, through the winter, many public sculptures are covered by plastic overlay for weather protection. This changes the city’s sculpture scape into a series of plastic installations. After documenting some of this situation, I gave an assignment to my 16-year old students at the time in a high-school, to imagine their own sculptures under the cover. Other than further sculptural experiments with UTOPLAST, my aim was to compare these to the crowd of recursive, conservative public sculptures recently erected by the current Hungarian regime. 

Also featured on the pictures: vernissage, works of Julia Sendra, Zane Zlemesa and Owen Cole: