At you can Buy webshells, phpmailer, Combo list
At you can Buy webshells, phpmailer, Combo list
PinGUi – Juli Laczko


Made @Calafou, Catalonia & Amsterdam, Technologia Incognita and LAG, 2019 December, Amsterdam

bio-hacking workshop @ Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht, Creative Tech Club with PinGui, BiohackDag @HKU IBB, Feb 2020

joining the Anarchist Village at 36c3 2019

PinGui’s lights synchronized with human breath:


  • each LED is separate, normally powered by a 3V power supply soldered onto a pin-case
  • using E-health shield and Arduino Uno along with an Airflow sensor, following tutorial
  • can use AnalogInOutSerial example or similar and specify ports used by E-health shield and LEDs plugged. Use pwn outs.
  • tricks for script: if you want to power more LEDs (in my case, 25 of them), use breadboards and/or more pwn outputs (in this case modify code accordingly
  • trick for airflow sensor: yes, you are meant to put it towards your nose on top of your mouth, but results are stronger if you breathe on it directly from the mouth.