BiohackDag @HKU IBB, Feb 2020

bio-hacking workshop @ Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht, Creative Tech Club with PinGui, previously joining the Anarchist Village at 36c3

Pingui’s lights synchronized with human breath


  • each LED is separate, normally powered by a 3V power supply soldered onto a pin-case
  • using E-health shield and Arduino Uno along with an Airflow sensor, following tutorial
  • can use AnalogInOutSerial example or similar and specify ports used by E-health shield and LEDs plugged. Use pwn outs.
  • tricks for script: if you want to power more LEDs (in my case, 25 of them), use breadboards and/or more pwn outputs (in this case modify code accordingly
  • trick for airflow sensor: yes, you are meant to put it towards your nose on top of your mouth, but results are stronger if you breathe on it directly from the mouth.

21. February 2020 by laczkojuli
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