@Makerspace Waag Society, Amstedam

September-October 2019

Learning to use the laser cutter: trace bitmap, outlines only, a combination of cutting and engraving on 3mm plexi.
Llearning to use the vinyl cutter. option of printing from linux and windows os available on same dedicated pc. linux bridge ‘inkcut’ malfunctioning even after update. successfull cutting on windows, illustrator, matte black vinyl.
Sewing an utoplast laptopskin for my new thinkpad W520
thikness of different utoplast materials:
measured with digital caliper:
bubble wrap utoplast: 0,3 mm; weight:
contractor bag utoplast: 0,4 mm, not for sewing, but cutable
Funghi box prototype design for laser-cutting 4 mm contractor bag grey utoplast, combined of 2 different cookie boxes I fancy for funghi: one for the top, one for the bottom. No-glue design.
Replacement dog ear. We tried to 3D-scan the existing one, but consequently failed, not only because he is moving, but also because the ear’s shape for the scan is defined by it’s position in space, it being a very soft and flexible entity. So tried to take a 2D pattern and extrude it. First print with Prusa, draft filament, 2nd with flexifil.