Selection of media design commissions

Brand image, graphic design, webshop and photography: Plastenka
Photography & videos for KIBU Talent Glowria
wordpress design & support for Simon Malinowsky
wordpress design & support for Hajnal Szolga
wordpress design & support for Cöp(m)adam
Infographics for Pioneers into Practice

worked as a visualist from 2003 to 2013 as a founding member of the collective Loopé, and as a partner of  Laluz, as well as solo, and as stage-visualist for collectives like Élőkép, Harmadik Hang, Speciális Heurisztikák, etc.

Pop Partizan Remix 2010
Müszi Image Video 2012
Brecht: Baal (r. Funk Iván) 2008
Speciális Heurisztikák 2009
PWC – Másokról Szól 2012
Kibu Glowria 2014

projected composition detail from architectural mapping @ LPM 2012:






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